Ballot-Flurin, apitherapy products in Switzerland


Healthy bee preparations - Bee Happy !

  • Health through bees. Ballot-Flurin. Apitherapy…
  • 100% organic preparations, with love and respect for bees. Ethical products.
  • At the service of your health. To get back in shape and vitality.
  • Since 1977, an artisanal production in the Pyrenees, with love and respect.
  • “A concrete utopia. For the global health and the common blooming of Bees and Humans”.
  • “100% organic since the beginning! 50 years of research in bee welfare and medicinal beekeeping. Home-made, artisanal, soft and clean”.
  • “Happy and respected bees for healthy, active and very natural beekeeping materials”.

Why use the Ballot-Flurin hive preparations ?

  • To strengthen your immune system.

  • To serve your nasal defenses.

  • For your oral health.

  • Take care of your skin, repairs and regenerates your skin, delicate skin and eczema, intimate hygiene.

  • Protection for lips, hands, feet, face and body.

  • Disinfectant lotion.

  • Elixirs from the hive (keeping calm, self-esteem, courage and willpower, protection and success, conflict resolution, openness and serenity, couple harmony, family life, communication and creativity, joie de vivre, dreams and ambitions, indecisions, new life).

  • Sprays (emergency nose, emergency throat, anti-stress).

  • For children: to calm down, to sleep better.

  • For teens: beautiful skin solution.

  • Cure & botanical honeys (digestion, transit, vision).

  • Polyfloral pollen.

  • Dynamized organic royal jelly.

  • Rare honeys.

Rare honeys

  • Apicosmetics: natural cosmetic products from bees, anti-aging cream, make-up removal gel, mask of the innocents, queen’s eyes, lip balm, sensitive skin balm, velvet face and body scrub, moisturizer for the whole family, repairing ointment, fresh leg gel, thermal joint cream).

  • For athletes, an energizing and restorative range.

  • Hopi candles for the care of your ears.

  • Vibrationally energized products
  • Solutions for digestion.
  • Respected, free, loved bees. Taking care of the bees!
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