Courses and training

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho / Tibet

Reiki Usui course in the tradition and respect of the teachings of Mikao Usui.

Degree 1, Degree 2, Degree 3, Mastery.

Please note that in the Usui tradition, before any degree, a prior oral exchange is desired.

The trainings are held on Friday and Saturday so that you can have a day to yourself on Sunday.

Training sessions are also scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and also during the week.

Hypersensitivity: gaining confidence in your feelings

I propose you to discover during one day how to feel better with your hypersensitivity.

How to apprehend a change of energy, how to feel better with what we perceive, what we feel.

Work on the management of vibrations and frequencies of spaces and people.
(Re)finding confidence in your energy sensors.

Meditation course quantum...

Change your present…

Individual Course: 130 Chf / hour

Moving course: 150 Chf / hour

Method of 8

Reintegrate your potential, your “I am”.

Deprogramming old patterns, defining and generating a harmonious future.

Individual coaching over 8 sessions in 3 months.

Price : CHF 888.00

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