Equinox: an ideal time to work on balance…

Happy autumn equinox to all!


May this be a moment of beauty, contemplation and inner transformation for each and every one of you.

Today we stand at a magnificent threshold, that of the autumnal equinox ,a moment of balance between the light of day and the darkness of night. On this special day, when the sun stands peacefully over the equator, sharing its light equally between the two hemispheres, let’s take time to contemplate the universal message of balance and transformation.

We’re all invited to reflect, rebalance and reconnect with our spiritual essence.

The equinox is not just an astronomical phenomenon; it is also a profound symbol that can teach us many spiritual lessons. It reminds us that life is a constant balancing act, a back-and-forth between opposites that are really just two sides of the same coin.

Autumn is often associated with change – the leaves become multicolored paintings of art before falling and nourishing the earth for the next cycle of growth. This season reminds us of the beauty of letting go, of transformation, and of preparation fora new stage in our spiritual journey.

Life is a constant flux, an eternal dance between creation and dissolution, accumulation and detachment. The autumn equinox offers us an opportunity to take stock of what we’ve gathered over the warmer, brighter months. What have you learned? What experiences do you want to integrate within yourself? And above all, what has completed its cycle and now needs to be released?

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, let’s remember that darkness is not our enemy. It’s a sacred space, a blank canvas where our inner light can truly shine. It’s often in moments of silence, rest and retreat that our minds find clarity, our hearts find peace, and our souls find wisdom.

It’s a perfect time to sit in meditation, light a candle, and maybe even write. Think about the seeds you sowed in the spring, the fruits you harvested in the summer, and what you’d like to offer now.

Consider taking time today to sit in silence, to contemplate your life with gratitude, to set new intentions or simply to be in the presence of the divine, in whatever form you conceive it. The energies of balance that manifest at equinox can serve as a powerful catalyst for your own transformation and healing.

Perhaps you could also use the day to reconnect with nature. Take a walk in the forest, dip your feet in a stream, or even just look up at the sky – reminding us that we’re all connected by the beautiful, intricate web of life.

On this equinox day, I wish you all deep peace, harmonious balance and a renewed connection with your own essence.

May your hearts be light and your minds clear, and may you find in this cosmic balance the inspiration to live each day as a precious gift.

Happy Equinox to all!

With all my gratitude,

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