Harmonize your living space with our energetic treatments!

Harmonize your living or working space!

We spend much of our lives in our homes and offices, spaces that should be our sanctuaries of peace and serenity.

And yet, depending on the configuration of the premises and the stress of daily life, these places can sometimes accumulate unbalanced energies, affecting our well-being. It just doesn’t feel right. People often tell me that there’s something they can’t define, but feel.

How to smell?

Think of a place where you feel good. Whether in nature or not, there are places where we feel a sense of well-being in our body and also in our “head”. The vibrations of these places are harmonious.

In times gone by, each “spiritual” building was placed on specific telluric locations in harmony with the soil and each element, be it earth, sun, wind or water.

This is the objective of the knowledge I apply, to rebalance lines of force in harmony with the elements.

What is Habitat Harmonization?

Home harmonization is a holistic practice that aims to realign and harmonize the energy of a living or working space. Using an ancestral technique derived from practices and knowledge of energy lines in the soil and surrounding spaces, we work to rebalance the energy in your home.

How does it work?

We use specific methods to detect areas of blockage or energetic imbalance, and proceed to harmonize by rebalancing energies.

Personalized advice

As each space is unique, we provide you with personalized advice on how to maintain the energy balance in your home.

What are the benefits?

Overall, a feeling of well-being, the cessation of dis-harmonious events.

Reduced stress and anxiety: a harmonized space promotes relaxation and well-being.

Better sleep: Energy balance in your bedroom can improve the quality of your sleep.
Increased positive energy: A harmonized home promotes a flow of positive energy, influencing your mood and health.

For whom?

We have something for everyone, whether you live in a small apartment in the city or a large house in the country. If you feel the need to work on the energy of your living or working space, our energy treatments are there for you.

Terms and rates

We need to spend 5 to 10 minutes in each room of your home, including the outside grounds, cellar and attic, which explains the long on-site intervention time.

Flat rate possible, to be agreed according to surface area, duration and time on site and travel time.

Approximate hourly rate: CHF 200

Ready to Transform Your Living Space?

Contact us for an initial discussion and to schedule an energy consultation for a harmonized, soothing home!

We are all subject to the vibrations of the earth and the places, so in a first time we exchange by telephone of the problematic, then if you decide it, a work at distance or on the spot can be carried out. I prefer to work on site whenever possible.

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