Hu Care’s choices and assumptions

From the outset, we share our main influences of thought and evolution: Philippe Guillemant, Edgar Morin, Pierre Rhabi, Joe Dispensa, Sadhguru. These references are obviously not exhaustive, but they shape our thinking and our belief in “creative, self-reliant, resilient and supportive ways of living, boosted by consciousness.”

"Creative, self-reliant, resilient and supportive lifestyles boosted by consciousness."

We strongly believe that we can contribute to a necessary paradigm shift away from this future that has been thought and chosen for us. Let’s quote Philippe Guillemant, physicist and researcher at the CNRS, who describes it in the following way: “A future with more and more pollution, destruction of nature and living beings, overconsumption, energy and information expenditure. It is also the alienation of the human being through the liberticidal technologies that want to impose themselves on us today (connected objects, surveillance and tracing of the population, human tracking…)”.

We believe that our choices can lead us to a brighter future and that, to do so, we must change our life habits and develop our consciousness.

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We believe, not in a return to the past of our civilization, but in a leap forward where the human being takes back control of his life, relying on his free will and a deep awareness of his potential.

We believe that everyone can understand and experience the existence of consciousness and in particular of a quantum consciousness (1).

We believe in the existence of thesoul, as scientists have also defined it.

“Soul: a six-dimensional information system present in the quantum vacuum and playing the role of immaterial vehicle of the consciousness (whose material vehicle is the body-brain). The soul is composed of two three-dimensional vibratory quantum-gravitational systems (2) called the self (3) and the self (4). Each of these systems can be thought of as an additional layer of space-time that interacts on a lower layer of greater density.”

– Guillemant and Morisson. 2015, The physics of consciousness. Tredaniel.

Our scientific starting point is based on quantum physics and the current research on it.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Newtonian physics must give way to quantum physics, including in the perception and understanding of our lives.

The theory of double causation sheds light on the phenomena of synchronicity (“Our intentions cause effects in the future, which in turn become the future causes of effects in the present.” Guillemant and Morisson, 2015. The Physics of Consciousness).

The “quantum vacuum” is made of information. We create information from the moment we observe it.

Our memories are our internal environment, unless we decide otherwise.

We believe that meditation is an essential tool, as it consists of transcending the analytical mind to enter the subconscious mind in order to make real and permanent changes (especially through visualization).

We believe that by sharing our knowledge and discoveries, we bring joy,hope and participate in thecollective evolution.

We promote sustainable and local consumption. We feel it is important to point out that, for this reason, we will never link to Amazon (for example) for the purchase of products (especially books).

We are very sensitive to the security and confidentiality of digital data. From our point of view, an individual (and then collective) digital awareness is essential to develop. We accompany you in this field, which is too little known and mastered.

(1) Quantum consciousness: a natural ability of consciousness to perceive multiple possibilities, realities or objects simultaneously, or to perceive the same reality or object from multiple angles simultaneously. Guillemant, Philippe. The great shift in humanity – From the rout of transhumanism to the awakening of the collectiv consciousness (English Edition) (p. 219). Tredaniel. Kindle Edition.

(2) Quanto-gravitational: relating to quantum gravity, i.e. to the vibrations or fluctuations of space at the quantum scale, which are all the more complex and of strong curvature as they are infinitesimal and approach the Planck scale (NDR: 1.616 × 10-35 m). Conversely, at the macroscopic scale, the gravity induced by the presence of matter (stars and planets) results in curvatures of space generally very weak and homogeneous (exception: black hole). Guillemant, Philippe; Morisson, Jocelin. The physics of consciousness. Tredaniel.

(3) Self: the three-dimensional information system that updates our timeline and is responsible for our consciousness. This awareness appears automatically when we update our time line in the present throughout a lifetime. The three dimensions of the self are quanto-gravitational vibrations of space that can respond to solicitations from the self* by exchanging information with its upper layer of information, through intention (incoming information from the self) and vacuum excitation (outgoing information to the self), according to a state reduction mechanism orchestrated in the brain. Thus, the self implements in the brain the two fundamental aspects of the theory of the double causality that are the observation (acting in the present) and the intention (acting in the future). Guillemant, Philippe; Morisson, Jocelin. The physics of consciousness. Tredaniel.

(4) Self: the three-dimensional information system that orients the timeline of our self by acting directly on its purpose through densification (at its less dense scale) of futures privileged by the self (intention). So that these futures of the self can however be really densified on the line of the self, it is necessary that the latter converges towards the line of the self, i.e. that there is an intersection between their lines. This is made possible by the fact that the line of the self is of much lower density (= quantum), resulting in a very wide range of evolutionary possibilities for the self. But there remains the risk that the intersection remains null if the self loses its free will by not making any effort to widen its own field of possibilities. In this case, the ego and the self become disconnected, the intentions of the ego become illusory (conditioning). Guillemant, Philippe; Morisson, Jocelin. The physics of consciousness. Tredaniel.

Inspirations :

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