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It’s recommended that we drink 1.5 liters of water a day to keep our vital organs working properly, so we might as well drink quality water.

Installation and maintenance tips for your EVA fountain.
Hu Care, distributor in Switzerland

Filtration process for EVA fountain water filters

Concerned about your well-being, would you like a water cooler to filter and purify your tap water?

EVA fountains, Bisphenol A and B-free and phthalate-free, meet your expectations.

– Designed to filter out unwanted particles and chemical substances, EVA fountains provide clear, pleasant, soft water.

– The EVA fountain lets you drink filtered water all day long, using natural gravity to produce pure, mineralized, alkaline water.

– The filtration process involves a succession of different natural filters: a high-density ceramic, a filter containing coconut fiber activated carbon, some colloidal silver for bacteria, silica, coral rock and zeolite.

Mineralized water thanks to a basket containing carefully selected minerals.

Water energized by a circular magnet and a green glass dish to capture Far Infrareds. This gives the water a vitality when you drink it.

7-litre model
. The lower bowl has a capacity of 4 liters, the upper bowl 3 liters.

Easy to install

– The EVA fountain is very easy to install, with no need for an electrical connection, and will find a place in your home or office…

– The size of a dinner plate, it is designed to optimize space.

– Before handling the various components of your fountain, we strongly recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly to avoid introducing germs into the filter elements, and then wash the elements carefully one by one, except for the ceramic and the filter cartridge.

– Only white spirit vinegar may be used to rinse the structure of your EVA water cooler, and only for the upper tank outside the cooler. Caution: do not use vinegar on the filter cartridge.

Any other product (detergent, washing-up liquid, etc.) is prohibited and will invalidate the warranty.

– Under normal conditions, your EVA fountain requires very little maintenance.

Filtration process for EVA fountains

Installation tips

– Wash your hands

– Wash each element thoroughly, except ceramics, filter, etc.

– Rinse the basket containing the minerals with clear water.

Immerse the filter cartridge in a container of water to remove any air.

– An instruction leaflet explains how to install the various parts. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help!

– Once assembled, before drinking the water, proceed with 3 successive filtrations, i.e. 3 complete water passages.

Fill the upper bowl with tap water and allow to filter.

Please note : if the lower tank is full and you fill the upper tank without emptying the lower tank, the water will overflow!

Discard the first filtered water.

With the second and third, you can water your plants.

Please note: the first water filtrations take a little longer.

– The glass vats are handmade.

– Protect the fountain from direct sunlight or use the appropriate
available on our website.

Caring for your EVA fountain

Filters or filter cartridges are changed every 6 months. If the filter is saturated, the water will inevitably discharge.

Ceramic tiles should be changed every 12 to 18 months, depending on the pipes in your home.

– Once a month, wash the fountain thoroughly and maintain the ceramic with a little white vinegar, preferably organic.

See below for precautions to take

Yellow, orange or brown stains on ceramics

Three types of discoloration are likely to appear, which you can easily remove using white spirit vinegar (preferably organic).

It’s perfectly normal for ceramic to take on different shades of color due to the deposits left behind by tap water from your pipes.

These are essentially calcium carbonates, sulfates, iron oxides, copper oxides and various metals, as well as undesirable residues from metal or plastic pipes.

To remove them, thoroughly clean the ceramic filter and the ceramic filter pan, following the instructions below.

Green proliferations on ceramics, ceramic filter tray, faucet, mineral basket or tank walls

Microscopic, non-toxic algae resulting from the water distribution network are likely to develop inside your EVA filtration fountain, especially if your EVA fountain is placed in a sunny location or exposed to direct light.

In this case, as a preventive measure, place your fountain in a less sunny spot, or cover it during the day with a cover or a dark, opaque piece of fabric.

These algae can appear as ‘green dots’ or ‘green fluff’.

To remove them, clean thoroughly using the method given below.

– Appearance of a
fine white deposit
on the surface of the EVA fountain filter reservoir.

These are not limescale or bacteria, but deposits from the mineral basket, following a redox precipitate.

If you remove the mineral basket, this deposit will not reappear. But it would be a shame to miss out on the benefits of re-mineralizing your water.

To eliminate them, thoroughly clean the mineral basket and reservoir using the method given below.

Cleaning of the high-density ceramic filter and top tray.

– Its function: antimicrobial barrier.

– It is recommended to maintain the ceramic once a month to avoid the appearance of black spots, green, yellowish or brownish discoloration, or very rarely when the water stops flowing.

– Separate the upper tray, containing the ceramic filter from the body of your EVA water cooler, without unscrewing it from its base.

If you rotate the ceramic on its base, you risk loosening and breaking it.

– Empty the top bin and place it in your sink without obstructing the drain.

– Cover the ceramic filter dome with filtered water (approx. 3 liters) and white vinegar (approx. 1 glass) or more, depending on the hardness of the water in your area. Make sure the ceramic is completely covered by the liquid.

Leave to act until the filtration is completely drained.

Repeat the operation 2 or 3 times, using tap water only, so that the vinegar disappears completely from the ceramic. Rinse thoroughly under running water until the vinegar odour disappears.

Caution: be careful not to let vinegar water pass through the filter cartridge, otherwise you risk stripping the cartridge and making your water undrinkable.

– Gently rub a smooth, non-abrasive sponge soaked in a dash of white vinegar over the ceramic and around the container to loosen any residual impurities. You can also use a toothbrush.

With proper maintenance, your ceramic filter will remain fully efficient.

– Its average lifespan is 12 to 18 months (with daily use).

– To change the ceramic, order directly from www.hu-care.ch

If the ceramic comes loose from its base, proceed as follows:

1- Remove the inner transparent gasket

2- Take the ceramic and turn it upside down, the dome should be underneath.

3- Place the gasket on the ceramic base

4 – Take the base and use the gasket to create a suction cup effect

5 – Check that the ceramic is firmly back on its base

The EVA cartridge is replaced every 6 months

– The EVA filter cartridge filter cartridge is composed of natural coconut fiber activated carbon, colloidal silver, natural mineral silica, EVA coral rock, volcanic rock and zeolite.

– Its function: to remove undesirable chemical elements from tap water.

Cleaning the mineral basket of volcanic rocks

– Function: releases a mineral supplement rich in trace elements.

– The minerals are changed every 24 months. No need to change the basket, magnet or IRL cup.

– Depending on the brightness of the room or the direct contact with the outside light on your fountain, a green fuzz may cover the basket slightly.

– To clean, remove the mineral basket from the reservoir of your EVA water filtration cooler.

– If your fountain is equipped with the magnetic system (green IRL part and magnetic disk), open the basket and MUST remove THE MAGNETIC DISC.

– Then place it in a saucepan filled with water and a spoonful of coarse sea salt, and bring to the boil for 5 minutes.

– Rinse the basket under running water, brushing it until all residues have disappeared.

mineral basket refill
should be replaced every 24 months.

Cleaning the EVA valve

– Remove the valve according to the assembly instructions, taking particular care not to damage the translucent contact washers.

– Brush with water and white vinegar. Rinse, then reassemble on the fountain.

– To ensure complete sealing of the tank during installation or replacement, it is important to position the domed face of the nut so that it screws against the gasket positioned on the thread.

– Once installed, check the watertightness of the tank by filling a few liters of water before reinstalling the fountain completely.

Reservoir cleaning

– Remove the entire top section of your EVA fountain (filters and top tray).

– Empty all the water from the bottom of the tank and rinse thoroughly. Gently wipe the perimeter of the tank with a smooth, non-abrasive sponge soaked in a dash of white vinegar, to loosen residual impurities (microscopic algae, suspended matter carried by your water pipes).

– Rinse thoroughly under running water until the vinegar odour disappears.

– To avoid contaminating the filter trays, never introduce foreign elements or substances into the upper or lower trays (no colorants, syrups, or other food or medicinal substances, detergents, disinfectants or sterilizers, foreign bodies, etc.).

How to recycle EVA fountain cartridges and filters:

To do this, simply break them open with a hammer, for example, place the minerals in your garden and the container in your recycling bin.

How long does the water in the EVA fountain last?

Filtered water can be stored in the fountain for up to 7 days.

If you’re going on vacation for longer, here’s what to do.

Several options:

– the simplest, empty the fountain, clean it and refill it on your return.

– If you’re going away for more than 15 days, empty the fountain 48 hours before you leave, wash the fountain, dry the ceramic (wrap it in absorbent paper for 2 days) then put it in a freezer bag and put it in your fridge.

– The same applies to the cartridge.

Note that there is a risk of oxidation if the cartridge reaches the end of its life. it is advisable to replace it on your return.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: bonjour@hu-care.ch


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