Naboso©, products to wake up your feet

Naboso, Products to Wake Up Your Feet

As you know, one of our goals is to offer you products that support your desire to stay healthy or regain your health. Since the beginning of the summer, we have been testing the Naboso© products, developed by Dr. Emily Splichal (specialist in podiatry and human movement).

Hu Care offers you products to wake up your feet!

They support us all day long, allow us to move, run, jump… Our feet deserve all our attention if we want to keep them healthy.

Why test specific products for the feet?

If you have read our article “Barefoot –
– Grounding: what is it? (introduction)”, you know that all it takes is a closer look at our feet, or the pain we feel in them one day, to suddenly realize that our feet are no longer the baby feet they once were. This simple observation can be accompanied by a severe awareness (as it was for me!) and the desire to engage in a fundamental work: to give back to our feet their shape and thus their full initial functions (balance, stability, cushioning, propulsion and connection). We can therefore take care of our feet by walking barefoot in nature (grass, beach …) or by choosing shoes that respect the natural shape of our feet.

On the other hand, if you are already at the stage of feeling pain (plantar fasciitis for example), of seeing that your toes are deformed or that you are starting to suffer from hallux valgus… then you need to start a more specific work: re-educate your feet.

The good news is that this can be done quite easily with patience. This month, we offer you 2 products to start your rehabilitation, especially at the sensory level: the Neuro Ball and the Standing Mat. Find out how to use these 2 products below.

"Life is sensory. This means that all of our movement patterns are powered and directed by sensory stimulation. Sufficient sensory stimulation must reach the body to create appropriate motor patterns."

Naboso© proprioceptive products

With the spirit of defying conformity, Dr. Splichal took her conventional podiatric medical degree and combined it with years of experience and expertise in human movement and sensory science to found Naboso.

Dr. Splichal believes that our experience in this world is built around sensory stimulation and our ability to process, perceive and integrate that information effectively. Since 2012, Dr. Splichal has traveled the world sharing her unique approach to human movement, foot function and barefoot science. Having taught in 35 countries and to 20,000 professionals, Dr. Splichal has quickly become a world leader in barefoot training and rehabilitation.

The concept for Naboso and its proprioceptive products was born from Dr. Splichal’s travels around the world and the realization that not much has changed in the science of insoles and their design. To date, the focus has been on minimal footwear and barefoot training. However, what our feet touch is just as important as changing shoes or going for minimal shoes.

This has led to the evolution of a material that can stimulate the nerves in our feet, allowing us to take even greater advantage of human function and performance. The potential applications of enhanced sensory foot stimulation are endless. Whether it’s optimizing sensory stimulation for a child during their peak neuroplasticity or rehabilitating an athlete who has just suffered a concussion, Dr. Splichal is ready to impact the world and share her passion for the belief that life is sensory.

Naboso Proprioceptive Products

The Neuro Ball

La Neuro Ball
décontraction  La Neuro Ball
Neuro Ball Un Micro Rad
Neuro Ball pieds et des mains.

The Neuro Ball is a 3-in-1 tool and one of the most versatile relaxation tools on the market. The Neuro Ball can be used as a ball or divided into two domes, and provide both sensory stimulation and/or relaxation of tension points.

Equipped with the Naboso© texture on its surface, the Neuro Ball allows a simultaneous release and sensory stimulation.

As an added bonus, inside the Neuro Ball is a rigid Micro RAD for detail work and for penetrating the small muscles of the feet and hands.

Video tutorial : How to open the Neuro Ball?

Place the Neuro Ball on the floor with the slot facing you vertically. Place your heel on the Neuro Ball slot and press 3 times against the ball. The 2 domes will move apart. All you have to do is finish separating the 2 domes with your thumbs. Inside the Neuro Ball, you will find the RAD Micro (small black ball).

It is recommended to do this exercise for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.


The 5-point technique:

1: Base of the heel.

  • 2: middle of the foot (arch).

  • 3: the forefoot.

  • 4: outside of the foot.

  • 5: median arch of the foot.

These points target the main muscles of the foot.

  • Open the Neuro Ball.

  • Place the 2 domes on the ground. You can work both feet at the same time or one foot after the other.

  • Press point 1 on the dome and hold for 30 s.

  • Continue with the other points, in order (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

Not only does this technique relax the muscles, but the texture of the Neuro Ball also stimulates the nerves of the foot.

  • After having made the 5 zones with the domes, we redo the exercise with the RAD Micro (attention, the pressure is stronger!). One foot at a time.

Video tutorial: Release and activation for hands and grip strength.

Video tutorial: Release and activation for hands and grip strength.

Video tutorial: Reducing posterior tibial tendonitis with the Neuro Ball

Video Tutorial: 5-minute foot relaxation for neuroma

The Standing Mat

Le Standing Mat

The Standing Mat is a textured mat to optimize foot activation while standing at work or at home. It is used barefoot and its action reduces the pain and fatigue of the feet, especially if you work standing.

The Standing Mat also allows for the release and recovery of the feet at the end of the day. It allows sensory stimulation of the soles of the feet when working at a standing desk. It also avoids postural fatigue by waking up the body and the nervous system throughout the day.

The Standing Mat can also be used for training sessions.

Standing Mat video presentation: Activate your feet at the office, gym or home

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