EVA Fountains 12 liters

(4 liters in the second floor – 8 liters in the lower receiving tray)

Height: 65 cm
Width 32 cm
Depth: 25 cm

Suitable for 3 to 5 people.

With EVA, filter the harmful substances present in tap water: chlorine, coloring, heavy metals, arsenic, chemical substances from the pharmaceutical and phyto-sanitary industry, Volatile Organic Products, Trihalomethane etc… as well as nitrates from 60% to 98%.

Drink remineralized, alkaline water with a PH of 7.7 to 8.0, transparent, soft and pleasant to the mouth.

EVA water is used for cooking, tea, coffee, soups, for your plants or your animals. Also suitable for baby bottles.

The EVA Fountain can be used at home or in the office.

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EVA 700 fountains (12 liters)

The EVA fountain is a natural drinking water filtration system, autonomous, operating by natural gravity. This fountain works without electricity.

As in nature, water must be purified by the force of gravity … drop by drop, naturally and slowly … The filtration time is about 1/2 hour for 12 liters of water. The filtered water obtained is an alkaline water rich in mineral silica, purified and remineralized.

Respectful of the environment, the EVA Fountain is economical and ecological, you reduce considerably the purchase of plastic water bottles, so you preserve the planet.

The EVA Fountain is guaranteed to be free of Bisphenol A, phthalates and other chemicals. It is made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) (food grade).

Water fountain to filter, purify your tap water, well water* or rain water, by eliminating bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, nitrates, all substances potentially present in tap water.

Recommendation: despite the analyses performed, your tap water should not contain more than 50 mg/L of nitrates before filtration. Its data are provided by the water union of your town, do not hesitate to ask.

The technology of the EVA Fountain, system “Water Clinic”, preserves your balance, guaranteed without Bisphenol A, nor Phtalate or other chemical substance

  • By first retaining the potentially harmful elements present in the water (nitrates, chlorine, sulfates, heavy metals, chemicals, etc.), then by stabilizing it.

  • By diffusing selected minerals delivering an alkaline water – PRAL index slightly negative – “Potential Renal Acid Lead” (more than 70% of pure mineral silica oxide, which potentiates the fight against organic acidities and favors the protection of bone tissue) in order to restore an alkaline water close to the best natural waters … alkaline.

How the EVA fountains work

Thanks to its exclusive and patented process, the volcanic rocks present at different strata of “ultimate” filtration release a mineral supplement rich in trace elements that allows your body to promote tissue exchanges and to promote an action on natural acidity.
EVA rocks diffuse over 20 minerals into the filtered water. These rocks have a role in stabilizing the ideal pH.

PLC filtration models

The EVA Fountains ensure this complete purification of your tap water in 7 steps thanks to a series of successive natural filters:

  • 1st step: High density ceramic filter. This ceramic works on the principle of a filter retaining harmful substances foreign to the water: rust, sediments, germs and impurities. It is recommended to clean the ceramic at least once a month (see maintenance tips).

  • 2nd step: Activated carbon which neutralizes chlorine, bad smells, chemicals…

  • 3rd step: Activated carbon + colloidal silver neutralize chlorine, traces of solvents… Also eliminates bacteria by diffusing colloidal silver.

  • 4th step: Silica sand mineral neutralizes acidity, adjusts the pH between 7.2 and 7.8 and gives a pleasant taste to the water.

  • 5th step: Mineral Zeolite, it is of volcanic origin and microporous. It softens water and fixes heavy metals.

  • 6th step: Volcanic rocks which accentuate the action of activated carbon and maintain pure water. They diffuse 14 minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, etc.).

  • 7th step: EVA coral rocks, they release minerals and oxygen by harmonizing the pH of the water with that of the body.

BEP filtration models

EVA fountains with BEP filtration incorporate 2 additional filtration stages:

  • 8th step: Magnetic system (BEP models only): magnetization gives the water a hexagonal structure, making it more easily assimilated by the body’s cells. Thanks to two magnets that activate the molecular structure of the water inside the mineral basket, your remagnetized water will regain a hexagonal molecular structure, in harmony with the body’s fluids, more alive. This water, beneficial for your health, will bring many natural benefits to your body (purification by facilitated renal elimination, optimized rehydration after physical effort …)

  • 9th step: Far Infrared Rays (FIR): by reducing the size of the water clusters, FIR favors its absorption and assimilation by the tissues. The presence of this part reinforces the action of the magnet by cancelling the negative effects of light on the filtered water.

For BEP models, the white magnetic disk is located inside the blue basket and minerals. The green IRL coin is positioned in the center of the basket.

The effectiveness of the EVA System has been proven by numerous certified tests and validated by independent organizations and analysis laboratories. The analyses and tests performed are available here.

Delivery and installation

The EVA fountain is very easy to assemble, and requires no tools or special skills.

It is delivered complete and ready to use with

  • 1 high density ceramic filter

  • 1 filter cartridge

  • 1 basket of minerals

    For models with magnetic system, in addition :

  • 1 piece IRL

  • 1 magnetic ring


  • Guaranteed free of BISPHENOL A, PHTALATE or other chemical substances.

  • Weight: from 5 to 5,4 kg depending on the model

  • EVA filter cartridge: change every 6 months

  • Ceramic filter: to be changed every 18 months maximum, recommended every 12 months.

  • Mineral refill: to be changed every 24 months

  • Unlimited warranty for the structure (except for the faucet).

  • Origin : South Korea – Distributor : JC2O France

*After analysis of the well water made by a COFRAC Laboratory.

Additional information

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EVA 1200 – PLC filtration – White, EVA 1200 – BEP filtration and magnetization – White, EVA 1200 – BEP filtration and magnetization – Black

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