Naboso® Neuro Ball – Foot massage balls

The Neuro Ball is a massage ball for the feet. It stimulates the nerve endings under the feet and thus helps to release tension throughout the body.

It can be used as a ball or divided into two domes.

The Neuro Ball is a 3-in-1 tool and one of the most versatile release tools on the market.

Naboso products are a range of innovative products designed to improve foot health and performance. Naboso products include plantar stimulation mats, Standing Mat, insoles and massage balls, Neuro Ball, which were developed by American podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal.

Naboso products are designed to stimulate the sensory receptors in the feet, which are responsible for tactile sensation and proprioception. Proprioception is our body’s ability to know where our limbs are in space, without having to look. The sensory receptors in the feet are particularly important because they are responsible for balance and posture, as well as coordination and stability when walking and running.

The Naboso plantar stimulation mats are designed to be used barefoot, which allows the feet to feel the different textures and depths of the mat’s relief. Naboso foot stimulation mats can help strengthen foot muscles, improve stability and balance, and reduce foot pain and inflammation.

The Naboso massage balls are designed to be used to massage the feet, stimulating the sensory receptors and improving blood circulation. Naboso massage balls can help relieve foot pain and fatigue, as well as improve foot flexibility and mobility.

Naboso products are beneficial for everyone, whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance, or someone suffering from foot pain or posture problems. Naboso products can help strengthen foot muscles, improve balance and coordination, reduce foot pain and inflammation, and improve body alignment and posture.

If you are looking to improve the health of your feet, Naboso products are a great option.

CHF 35.00

100% food grade silicone, non-toxic and odorless. Does not contain BPA, latex, lead or phthalates. Waterproof, closed cell silicone, easy to clean and more durable.

Wash with warm water and soap and air dry. Dishwasher safe. Cleaning recommended once a week.

Designed in the United States. Made in China.

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