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L’acupuncture des 5 éléments est une méthode thérapeutique de la Médecine Chinoise.

Pratique et enseignement de la méthode de J.R. Worsley.

L’acupuncture des 5 éléments

5 Elements: Energy Care

  • The understanding of the Five Elements acupuncture treatment is based on an age-old observation of nature, its cycles and the interaction of the elements.
  • According to this system of empirical medicine, everything in the universe and in our bodies is made up of two or more components called “elements”. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.
  • The five elements themselves represent various physical and spiritual states that constantly interact with each other.
  • When the opposing forces are well balanced, the body is healthy, but when they are out of balance, they can have an impact on our health.
  • By using needles or applying pressure to specific points on the body while monitoring the flow of vital energy or qi (chi) through these channels, acupuncture or acupressure (without needles) practitioners are able to restore balance and promote healing.
  • Each treatment is targeted to the individual and not just to the symptoms.
  • The person is at the center of the treatment. The practitioner spends a lot of time with you to get to know you better and understand how you feel, what you are experiencing, what your pains are, what you like or dislike etc.
  • This specific acupuncture is different from traditional acupuncture and has an impact on your emotional and mental well-being.

5 elements energetic care…

  • The practice of Chinese energy care of the 5 elements allows to support the circulation of chi or energy in the body, but also of thoughts and emotions.
  • The energy treatments of the 5 elements contribute to the regeneration of the cells and the spirit.

“Observe nature well and you will understand everything much better.”
Albert Einstein

The 5 elements acupuncture sessions are for everyone, children and adults.

  • To relieve physical pain: shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain etc.
  • To relieve symptoms such as digestive problems, migraines, colds
  • For feminine problems, relieves or eliminates hot flashes, reduces painful menstruation
  • For allergies, chronic disorders, so-called “somatic” problems
  • For sleep disorders.
  • To relieve pain, grief following a breakup or a loss.
  • To find support and relief from physiological, emotional and spiritual pathologies.
  • To release traumas generating anxiety, fears, discomfort.
  • To act on addictions, such as tobacco for example.
  • To take care of yourself, the 5 Elements acupuncture session is an excellent preventive method to maintain good health and prevent diseases.

The needles are flexible and fine. During 5 Element acupuncture sessions, the needles are often inserted and then removed immediately. What is felt is a slight stinging sensation when the needle touches the energy of the point. For comparison, a blood test is much more painful.

Yes. The needles are sterile and single use.

The practitioner offers a personalized follow-up, which varies according to the person, the nature of the condition, the motivation that led the person to consult and the results felt. It is recommended to commit to a process of 3 to 5 sessions.

  • In intensive treatment, acupuncture sessions can be close, once a week for two to three weeks.
  • In the stabilization phase: 1 session every 2 weeks, to stabilize the improvement in the long term.
  • In the maintenance phase: 1 session per month, or every 3 months, depending on the needs. This may be the case if the condition is chronic, for example, or if the person is regularly subjected to an aggravating factor such as stress, a professional activity involving certain movements, etc.
  • Seasonal treatment is beneficial in all cases. It is a treatment specific to each season in order to better live the transitions linked to the implicit changes accompanying each new season.

Treatments last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. The first treatment can last up to an hour and a half, as the practitioner takes the time to get to know you and talk with you. The practice of Five Element Acupuncture involves establishing a relationship in which the patient participates in his or her healing.

  • Before an acupuncture session: it is preferable not to be on an empty stomach or to have eaten too much.
  • After an acupuncture session, it is recommended to take some time for yourself, it is important to rest and to hydrate sufficiently after a session.
  • It is important to be clear about the treatments you are undergoing, the illnesses you have and the medications you have been prescribed.

It is with pleasure that I answer, as far as possible, all questions and requests for information on a subject that is important to you. 

If you have any questions about the 5 elements acupuncture, you can send me an email.
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