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"My Indian Doctor" by Simon Brook

  • I purposely chose to talk about this documentary which illustrates so well what two medicines, western medicine and empirical medicines can accomplish when practiced together.
  • This documentary illustrates this journey between people who want all the healing forces to unite in love and respect for life.
  • To help understand these methods, I attach a link to a documentary on AyurvedaIndian empirical medicine. The subject deals with the two types of current medicine, western medicine and natural medicine, here the ancestral Indian medicine or Ayurveda.

  • My Indian Doctor
    is a true storyMy Indian Doctor is a true story, the testimony of a woman who shares her experience of the disease.
  • Stricken with cancer, she finds herself traveling by chance to India with friends to take her mind off things. Motivated by her desire to find solutions and to heal, she opened herself to this other method of care. Aware of the changes in her, her oncologist asked her to take a trip with her to the Ayurvedic clinic in South India where she had undergone treatment.

When I saw this documentary, I took a training in Ayurveda and by synchronicity, I found myself on the benches of this same Ayurvedic clinic in South India. I learned a lot from this experience and was able to spend time in this healing space in the middle of the jungle. Even if Ayurveda is not my main practice, I am often inspired by it, like an art of living, Ayurveda or “knowledge of life” has entered my heart and my daily life.

Complementary Therapies, Preventive Therapies, Alternative Therapies, Alternative Medicine

How to define them? How to understand them?

Preventive and complementary medicines, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda(traditional Indian medicine) aim to prevent diseases by maintaining health or to support a healing process, to bring comfort, to open up to other systems.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each change of season is, for example, an opportunity to support the body as a whole and thus strengthen and prevent any disease. Seasonal care. Think of yourself.

Alternative therapies or natural therapies are derived from ancient traditions, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, (Indian Medicine), naturopathy etc.

These complementary therapies have millennia of knowledge about the functioning of the body, emotions, mind and spirit, based on observation and experience.

We also speak of preventive therapy, empirical or ancestral medicine, based on natural elements such as plants, technical and very specific massages, practices such as meditation, yoga, but also the use of yogic breathing techniques(sophrology) mantras, dance.

These gentle methods are all beneficial and are powerful tools to complement western medicine.

There are so many tools and practices, the goal is to find the most appropriate method for each person in the present moment. 

This is the goal of a therapist, to transmit without interfering.

For example, when a person suffers from digestive problems, alternative therapies will take into consideration the physical digestion of food but also the digestion of emotions, situations and events.

In the so-called ancient medicines, digestion begins in the mouth and follows a whole path in the body, just like our thoughts, our conscious and unconscious emotions.

Alternative therapies or alternative care are part of the context of complementary therapies and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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