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Un soin informationnel c’est comment rétablir un déséquilibre lié à une information reçue et conservée comme une croyance.

Si l’on observe attentivement, nous sommes soumis en quasi permanence à de l’information. Sommes-nous créés d’information ? Savons-nous garder le recul nécessaire face à l’information à laquelle nous sommes soumis ? Un soin informationnel se réfère à la puissance de l’information et au principe de formation interne, soit à l’intérieur du Soi.

What are the technologies and informational methods of Dr. G. G.? Grigory Grabovoy ?

Grigory Grabovoy’s teachings are both scientific and spiritual in nature.

Starting from the postulate that thought creates. How to think harmoniously for oneself and for all?

Grigory Grabovoy communicates methods and technologies to enable everyone to :

  • better understand how to develop consciousness and our fundamental structures

  • live and create in harmony

  • develop skills

  • contribute to current changes

  • support life in all its forms

This system of knowledge is universal and is for everyone, including the animal, vegetable and mineral world. This teaching covers a wide range of topics: the soul, the mind, the body, consciousness, time, space, love, the human being, the creative process, the processes of creating reality, resurrection, eternity, infinity, the stars, etc.

This information is timeless and has a scope in the past, present and future. It is the teaching of Love and eternal life in harmony for all and for all that constitutes the universe.

It is also how to get closer to the creative process, to act as closely as possible to it and thus contribute to the global and harmonious development of everything and everyone, our initial essence.

They allow us deep, benevolent and eternal understandings.

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