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Bioénergétique Ancestrale

Cette pratique de soins maîtrise des connaissances énergétiques et des principes quantiques très avancés, dont parle aujourd’hui le monde scientifique.

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Lemuria Code

  • supports a healing process

  • frees from personal, family, transgenerational patterns, recurring situations, traumas

  • leads to deep and decisive awareness

  • is for everyone, adults, teenagers and children

  • opens up new perspectives and changes

  • promotes a return to the I Am

  • acts on a very wide spectrum of physical, emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual “disorders” or on which it is difficult to put “words”.

  • offers many opportunities to interact with our deeper self.

“Code Lemuria is a system of Ancestral Bioenergetics that allows, through the activation of a solar sequence, to generate health and abundance by restoring the resonance between our Being, our physical body and the Universe.

This ancestral therapeutic method, inherited from Mu or Lemuria, has been preserved in Polynesia and can be practiced at a distance.

Preserved for thousands of years, Code Lemuria is based on ancient knowledge of our deep nature, our environment, the connections between the Earth and the Sun, the Universe, our belonging to the Whole that forms the Unity.

Frequently asked questions

Code Lemuria is for everyone, regardless of age, and is easily practiced from a distance.

To reconnect with oneself and find one’s autonomy, in the sense of being oneself.
To change one’s perceptions and habits of thought.
To find a solution to a recurring problem, a blockage, a trauma, a depression, hypersensitivity, chronic illnesses, so-called “somatic” pain, a pattern that repeats itself whether it is personal or familial.
To set up projects and make them a reality.
To live better.
To learn to live one’s life and get out of conditionings.

If you have received energy healing, it is very similar. Dressed, you are lying on a massage table. The therapist activates points by touching them with the hands.

The experience is unique to each person at the time. Then with time, one feels deep sensations of liberation from blockages related to the body, emotions, thoughts or mind.

In general, it is good to receive 3 to 5 treatments. The practitioner will tell you the number of sessions required according to your individual needs and intentions.

Treatments last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The first one can last up to an hour and a half, the practitioner takes the time to get to know you and to talk with you. The Lemurian Care Practice or Lemuria Code involves establishing a relationship in which the patient participates in their healing.

Code Lemuria can be used alone or in combination with other alternative therapies and medical treatments. Code Lemuria care is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Taking care of yourself

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