Let’s stop for a moment to do the Punkt. (dot)

Have you ever felt a screen overdose that pushes you to change your relationship with these little connected rectangles that phagocyte your time and your life with?

Faced with this fact, we at Hu Care decided to test one of these “dumb “phones (vs “smart “phones) that are coming back on the market. Beyond a kind of pseudo-minimalist fashion, could a “dumbphone” help us modify our dysfunctional relationship to overconnection?

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Couvrez Cette Webcam Que Je Ne Saurais Voir

Cover this webcam that I can’t see

At a time when we are using video applications in a massive way, we see more and more people hiding their laptop webcam (built-in cover, added or piece of tape). Should we also fall into this kind of paranoia?

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