The Benefits of Naboso® Products in Complementary Therapies: A Revolution Available from Hu Care Switzerland

Neuro Ball pieds et des mains.

Naboso® products, available at, exceptional products for body and mind.

These products, designed to stimulate mechanoreceptors of the skin, offer approach innovative and efficient for improve balancethe postureand the awareness body.

Sensory Stimulation for Better Balance

Naboso mats and insoles use a unique sensory stimulation technology that activates the mechanoreceptors in the skin of the feet. This stimulation improves proprioception, essential for maintaining balance and coordination. Users often report an immediate sensation of improved stability and posture.

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A Complementary Approach to Rehabilitation

In rehabilitation, Naboso products have proved particularly effective. They are used to aid recovery from injuries, particularly those affecting balance and walking. Hu Care therapists have observed remarkable progress in patients using these products as a complement to their traditional treatments.

Improving Body Awareness

In addition to their usefulness in rehabilitation, Naboso products have a positive impact on general body awareness. They are particularly beneficial for people suffering from neurological conditions, helping them to better perceive and control their movements.

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A complement to existing therapies

At Hu Care, therapists integrate Naboso products into their treatment protocols to offer a holistic approach. These products combine well with other forms of therapy, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic, enriching the therapeutic experience.

Positive impact on the Central Nervous System and the Parasympathetic System

Using Naboso products also has significant benefits for the central nervous and parasympathetic systems. By stimulating the skin’s mechanoreceptors, these products promote better communication between the skin and the central nervous system. This increased interaction contributes to better regulation of muscle tone and improved overall neurological response. In addition, the sensory stimulation provided by Naboso products can induce a state of relaxation, activating the parasympathetic system. This activation is essential for reducing stress, promoting relaxation and improving the body’s overall recovery. In this way, Naboso products not only strengthen physical balance and coordination, but also play a key role in promoting mental and emotionalwell-being, a fundamental aspect of the complementary therapies offered by Hu Care.

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Strengthening balance in the elderly with Naboso

The importance of Naboso products in improving balance in the elderly is particularly noteworthy. With age, reduced plantar sensitivity and deterioration in proprioception can increase the risk of falls. By stimulating the mechanoreceptors in the skin of the feet, Naboso mats and insoles help counteract these effects. This stimulation improves sensitivity and awareness of the feet, which is crucial for maintaining balance and stability when standing or walking. Studies have shown that regular use of products like those from Naboso can significantly reduce the risk of falls in senior citizens. By integrating these products into their daily lives, the elderly can enjoy greater autonomy and enhanced quality of life. At Hu Care, the emphasis is on using these innovative products to support and enhance the mobility and independence of the elderly, underlining their commitment to their well-being.

A Partner of Choice for Hu-Care

Naboso products, available at, are a valuable addition to our therapeutic tools. By integrating these products into their practice, Hu Care continues to be at the forefront of complementary therapies, offering its patients care innovative and effective care.

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