Water, life…

Take care of the water you drink

Ensuring the quality of the water we drink, wash, cook, water our plants and feed our animals is essential.

Let’s contribute to Zero Plastic Waste!


Water is the main element that constitutes us. Our body seems dense and yet our fluids represent a percentage of 70% to 80%. The quality of water allows our metabolism to eliminate better, to function better.

In terms of energy, water is the element in which memories are stored. Like a hard drive, the information is available at any time. Dr. Masuro Emoto’s research is eloquent on this subject and we will devote a separate article to it.

It is therefore essential to drink purified and filtered water.

EVA water coolers allow us to filter and purify our tap water or rainwater, eliminating bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, nitrates, all substances potentially present in tap water.

We recommend the model with the glass tank (700 VERRE BEP). The glass is blue in color, ideal for the energy of the light on the water.

It is a self-contained system, which works by natural gravity, drip by drip, slowly, naturally to obtain a balanced alkaline water, purified and low mineralized. It takes 30 minutes per liter of filtered water.

It ensures the complete purification of your tap water in 7 to 9 steps, thanks to a series of natural filters. The EVA Fountain is guaranteed FREE OF BISPHENOL A, FREE OF BISPHENOL S and FREE OF PTHALATES, and other chemical materials, it is made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) (food grade) for plastic fountains.

The active elements from natural products that make up the filters allow for the effective elimination of harmful substances present in tap water up to 98%: chlorine, coloring, heavy metals… as well as nitrates from 60 to 98% (results obtained according to the nature of the water tested).

It is a constant supply of healthy, alkaline water, similar to spring water. Finally, the water is also energetically purified by magnetization and infrared function.

Very playful, the children appreciate it for its ease of distribution of water, they help themselves when they need to drink.

Respectful of the environment, these fountains are ECONOMICAL and ECOLOGICAL, you reduce considerably the purchase of plastic water bottles, so you PRESERVE THE PLANET.

Your daily fountain:

  • For your health and that of your children

  • For the kitchen

Wash and rinse your fruits and vegetables, cook with healthy water for soups and sauces.

  • For tea or coffee

Rediscover an authentic taste, revealing flavors that you have forgotten.

  • For your pets

EVA water helps to provide them with minerals essential to their development

  • For your plants

EVA water strengthens your plants with its minerals, an optimal growth for your plants.

The magnetization of water

Magnetized water has more hexagonal clusters in harmony with the body fluids, a higher concentration of oxygen and more conductivity than conventional water (more fluid water).

The benefits of dynamized water.

Increased vitality, decreased fatigue, improved immune system, improved endurance, improved hydration and cellular communication, increased immune defenses, strengthened mental balance.

Vitalized water is easier to assimilate, and improves overall health and well-being.

A dynamized water.

Dynamized water hydrates 4 times more than normal water and 6 times faster. Properly hydrated, our cells detoxify and regenerate more quickly.

A fountain allows you to filter your tap water by natural gravity. It guarantees water purification through a series of natural filters. It ensures a PURE and ALKALINE water reinforcing your balance.

The average consumption of a family of 4 people, who consume water in plastic bottles, represents about 1500 bottles per year. Not to mention the quality of the water in this plastic container. The purchase of a fountain pays for itself in about 4 months.

1500 discarded plastic bottles is 44 KG OF PLASTIC WASTE PER YEAR!!!

Give back to water, a meaning and a source of energy for your body.

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