Why choose water filtration?

The benefits of filtering tap water

Removal of impurities and contaminants

Tap water can contain various contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals (lead, mercury), and sometimes traces of pesticides or pharmaceutical substances. A filter reduces or even eliminates these elements.

Improved taste and smell

Filtration helps remove chlorine and other substances that can affect the taste and smell of water.

Disease prevention.

Although tap water is generally treated for drinking purposes, additional filtration can offer protection against certain micro-organisms or accidental contamination.

Water hardness reduction

In some regions, water can be very hard. Filtration helps to soften water, which is good for skin and hair, and extends the life of household appliances.


Out of concern for the environment, by avoiding the purchase of bottled water.


EVA gravity fountains are environmentally friendly and durable. All parts are interchangeable to avoid plastic waste.

At Hu Carewe do everything we can to ensure your long-term health…
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