Fleur de vie” glass

0.25 l or 0.3 l or 0.5 l depending on model

Machine-blown (Mythos) or mouth-blown (Jasmine and Galileo) production.
Produced in Europe.

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Mythos (0.25l)

The “Mythos” tumbler has been robustly designed for intensive daily use. It’s as suitable for children as it is for gastronomy. The design is such that the “Mythos” cup cannot tip over. The Golden Number and the Flower of Life – often referred to as “sacred geometry” – increase the biological valence and flavor of liquids.

Jasmine (0,3l)

Elegant glass designed according to the proportions of the golden ratio. Each piece is mouth-blown and unique.

Galileo (0.5l)

Galileo, a 0.5-liter glass for water lovers.


The water is enriched by each new piece of information, and the effects add up. So you can pour water from the Alladin decanter into a Mythos Chakra glass, for example, and add extra value to the water.

The flower of life

This powerful symbol is found in many cultures and religions, as well as in our products. For a good purpose. In its childlike beauty and perfection, it is emblematic of life’s process of perpetual renewal, and thus contributes to the constant re-harmonization of water structures. The Flower of Life is represented by several overlapping and intersecting circles. The starting point is the center circle. From its center, a basic geometric structure develops, illustrating that all life unfolds from a single source – like cell division. Cell divisions continue until each life form has reached the harmonious form that suits it. Incorporated into the products, the water they contain is constantly invited to remember “this original code”. Water is once again symmetrically ordered, as evidenced by the hexagon, its basic structure. This hexagon is found exactly in the Fleur de Vie. All our products are based on the Golden Number and offer revitalized water. Fleur de Vie burnt at 600°C on the base of our creations enriches the water with additional structuring information. Our products are adorned with 4 different flowers of life; like spices, they perfume the water differently and make it richer.



This pure gold variant is the most coveted worldwide. Gold has always been known for its energetic power. That’s why this flower enriches water revitalization.


Looking at the rainbow makes us happy. The colors of the rainbow have a positive influence on us, as each one has its own vibration. That’s why this flower gives water optimism and a positive attitude towards the world and oneself.


White is known for its purity. It’s associated with goodness, honesty, beginnings, innocence and perfection. This flower will help you broaden your perception and make you feel more open to other opportunities and suggestions.


There is only 0.005 ppm of platinum in the earth’s crust. Since it’s an extremely rare metal on this planet, those who own it should be very proud. That’s why this flower is ideal for boosting self-confidence and self-love.

Natural design. Structured water. For your vitality.

Our zero plastic commitment

Natural materials are the best for people, the environment and animals. We are fully aware that plastic products are a danger to nature, and especially to animals. Plastics end up in the oceans, where they endanger marine creatures who mistake them for food. The consequence is often fatal: death. If not, the food chain leads these plastics straight to our plates and our bodies. That’s why 99% of our Nature’s Design products are plastic-free.

The principle

The quest for perfect design led us to the Golden Number and its perfect proportions, and to the powerful symbol of the Flower of Life. When we discovered Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s images of water crystals a few years ago, we were very impressed. At Nature’s Design, we’ve been fascinated by the positive changes in water structures that result from consciously designing forms in harmony with nature’s structural principles. Since then, our fascination with water and form has never left us. That’s why Nature’s Design develops a range of products that are elegant, close to nature and useful in everyday life – for the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

The original source of life: water

Anyone who has ever drunk water from a mountain stream has experienced and knows the benefits of spring water. By the time it reaches your home tap, it’s no longer as tasty and rejuvenating. No wonder, when you consider the long journey, the treatment processes and the environmental pollution encountered by this fresh water. In order to visualize how the change in the structure of tap water is lasting in all our products, a photo was taken of each product before and after use. The results come from the E.F. Braun laboratory in Uttingen, Switzerland. The water samples were photographed in accordance with the method developed by Masaru Emoto. All the samples taken show positive changes, with the appearance of very fine, symmetrical crystalline structures. These changes, induced by the design of our products (Nombre d’Or, Fleur de Vie, carefully selected materials), give water a pleasant, natural and authentic taste.


Tap water is weakened by the artificially high pressure as it flows through long pipes.


The structure of the water changes after about three minutes in the Cadus decanter.

These results come from tests carried out by EF Braun CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland, using the water crystal photography procedure developed by Masaru Emoto.


Nature’s Design – products in harmony with nature

Our products are made exclusively from natural raw materials such as quartz sand, lime, quartz, kaolin, feldspar, clay, wood, cork and rubber. From these raw materials we manufacture our products in glass, porcelain, earthenware, wood, cork and rubber. Nature’s Design is committed to ensuring that all products, including product developments, are made ecologically from these natural, sustainable raw materials, so that they are, wherever possible, infinitely 100% recyclable (such as glass and ceramics) or biodegradable through composting (such as wood, cork and rubber).

The bioplastics used in our products are 100% biodegradable and can be composted.


Deposits can be cleaned with warm water and a tablespoon of citric acid (inside only). Do not use abrasive cleaners. We recommend cleaning your products by hand. Only items without a symbol or with a laser-printed white Fleur de Vie (Mythos White) are dishwasher-safe. We also offer brushes adapted to our products. Make sure you regularly rinse the necks of any bottles you put in your mouth.
Wooden stoppers and cork protectors can only be cleaned with a damp cloth, never in the dishwasher.

Additional information


Mythos (0.25l), Jasmina (0,3l), Galileo (0.5l), Mythos Kids (0.25l), Calix wine glasses


Basic, Fleur de vie Gold, Fleur de vie Happy, Fleur de vie White, Fleur de vie Platinum, Root chakra (red) – Affirmation: health, Sacral chakra (orange) – Affirmation: Harmony, Solar plexus chakra (yellow) – Affirmation: Courage, Heart chakra (green) – Affirmation: Love, Throat chakra (blue) – Affirmation: Creativity, Chakra front (indigo) – Affirmation: Intuition, Crown chakra (violet) – Affirmation: Wisdom, 7 Chakras Set, Kids Bleu (fish/sun) "Je suis joyeux" (I'm happy), Kids Vert (butterfly/leaf) "J'aime apprendre" (I like to learn), Kids Orange (bird/whale) "I can do it"., Kids Rouge (owl/heart) "I have a big heart"., Kids Set of 4 affirmations, Red wine glass (white fleur-de-vie), White wine glass (white fleur de vie)

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