Magnetic kit for EVA Fountain

Magnetization kit to transform your EVA PLC fountain (7 – 12 – 25 liters) into an EVA BEP or NGB fountain.

This kit is composed of :

  • of a magnetic disk,
  • of an IRL room,
  • a bag of minerals.

Weight: 0.735 kg.

Please note that this kit does not contain the blue basket (already included in your fountain).

CHF 89.00

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The BEP model allows, thanks to the IRL part (far infra-red) and to the specific magnet located in the mineral basket, to induce in the water a magnetic and dynamic property identical to a naturally living water.

This action restores a proportion of hexagonal clusters in harmony with the body fluids.

The glass IRL is placed on the basket in the designated area, the magnet embedded in a neutral plastic material is placed in the basket sold with the fountain.

The minerals supplied in this kit should also be placed in the basket, these are changed every 24 months.

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