EVA filtering head refill kit

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The EVA Showerhead Refill Kit allows you to replace the showerhead components after 6 months.

The shower head filters and purifies potentially harmful substances in the tap water, but also softens the water in your shower, while reducing your water consumption.

Composition of the kit :

  • 1 filter cartridge
  • 1 perlon foam cartridge
  • 1 bag of Hinoki cedar beads

Weight : 100 g

CHF 45.00

  • The beads of Hinoki Cedarwood bring to the essences contained, a softening and soothing effect for sensitive or atopic skin (psoriasis, eczema …).
  • The pure calcium granules oxidize in contact with water and have an exfoliating action on the skin.
  • Zeolite granules, volcanic rocks, filter heavy metal pollutants, chlorine and chemicals from water pipes.
  • The perlon wool cartridge captures the last residues.

It is recommended to clean the micro perforated disc once a month with a new sponge soaked in white vinegar to remove residues and other substances present.

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